রবিবার, ৩১ মে ২০২০, ১৭ জ্যৈষ্ঠ ১৪২৬

  অনলাইন ডেস্ক    ০৭ নভেম্বর ২০১৯, ০০:০০  

প্রাথমিক শিক্ষা সমাপনী পরীক্ষার প্রস্তুতি (ইংরেজি)

প্রাথমিক শিক্ষা সমাপনী পরীক্ষার প্রস্তুতি (ইংরেজি)

Rearrange the following words in the correct order to make meaningful sentences.

Questions- 9

(a) them, you, regularly, eat, must.

(b) do, a, does, singer, what?

(c) not, no, all, at.

(d) seven, past, itÕs, half.

(e) comes, Tuesday, after, Monday.

Answer- 9

(a) You must eat them regularly.

(b) What does a singer do?

(c) No, not at all.

(d) ItÕs half past seven.

(e) Tuesday comes after Monday.

Questions- 10

(a) like, would, to, you, come?

(b) a, good, mix, of, your, foods, needs, body.

(c) millionaire. I, I, a, were, wish!

(d) it, time, is, what, now?

(e) can not, spring, see, Maria, day, the.

Answer- 10

(a) Would you like to come?

(b) Your body needs a good mix of foods.

(c) I wish I were a millionaire.

(d) What time is it now?

(e) Maria cannot see the spring day.

Questions- 11

(a) do, family, what, for, does, the, she?

(b) date, the, second, what, day, of, January, is?

(c) expression, remember, following, the.

(d) far, is, Teknaf, how, Chittagong, from?

(e) groups, say, lines, of, students, different, will, different.

Answer- 11

(a) What does she do for the family?

(b) What date is the second day of January?

(c) Remember the following expression.

(d) How far is Chittagong from Teknaf?

(e) Different students of different groups will say lines.

Questions- 12

(a) way, hospital, that, is the.

(b) you, sailing, can, sea, go, the, in.

(c) is, minutes, it, 7, fifteen, oÕclock, past.

(d) half-way, I, already, through, am.

(e) impaired, has, birth, she, since, been, visually


(a) The hospital is that way.

(b) You can go sailing in the sea.

(c) It is fifteen minutes past 7 oÕclock.

(d) I am already through half -way.

(e) She has been visually impaired since birth.

Questions- 13

(a) I, what, do, say, can, you?

(b) kind, are, they, polite, and.

(c) fair, at, see, the, you.

(d) myself, may, introduce, I?

(e) in, year, months, a, twelve.

Answer- 13

(a) Can you say what I do?

(b) They are polite and kind.

(c) See you at the fair.

(d) May I introduce myself?

(e) Twelve months in a year.

Questions- 14

(a) is, excited, Bithi, very.

(b) made, lot, he, a, of, mistakes.

(c) stay, in, I, Dhaka, 


will, for, days, two.

(d) game, you, like, what, do, to, play?

(e) the, at, the, last, tortoise, won, game.

Answer- 14

(a) Bithi is very excited.

(b) He made a lot of mistakes.

(c) I will stay in Dhaka for two days.

(d) What game do you like to play?

(e) At last, the tortoise won the game.


Questions- 15

(a) name, is, what, your?

(b) over, fitzy, to, a, rock, jumps, over.

(c) kind, what, of, cake, you, like, do?

(d) time, is, what, it?

(e) is, bangladesh, country, poor, a.

Answer- 15

(a) What is your name?

(b) Fitzy jumps over to a rock.

(c) What kind of cake do you like?

(d) What time is it?

(e) Bangladesh is a poor country.

Questions- 16

(a) name, Kishoreganj, of, home, the, town, is, my.

(b) far, is, Teknaf, now, from, Chittagong?

(c) name, your, whatÕs friendÕs best?

(d) do, when, get up, you, bed, from?

(e) our, houses, birds, live, which in do?

Answer- 16

(a) Kishoreganj is the name of my home town.

(b) Is Chittagong far from Teknaf now?

(c) WhatÕs your best friendÕs name?

(d) When do you get up from bed?

(e) In which houses do our birds live?

Questions- 17

(a) kind, are, polite, and, they.

(b) want, know, what, you, do, to?

(c) spend, leisure, your, you, do, how, time?

(d) wonderful, is, it, how!

(e) yourself, know, donÕt, you.

Answer- 17

(a) They are kind and polite.

(b) What do you want to know?

(c) How do you spend your leisure time?

(d) How wonderful it is!

(e) You donÕt know yourself.

Questions- 18

(a) back, do, come, when, you?

(b) class, what, you, read, do, in?

(c) you, do, when, to, go, school?

(d) wish, I, a, were, I, millionaire!

(e) in, Shefali, lives, a, flat, Dhaka, in.

Answer- 18

(a) When do you come back?

(b) What class do you read in?

(c) When do you go to school?

(d) I wish I were a millionaire!

(e) Shefali lives in a flat in Dhaka

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